Katherine has given my dead words life. Without her revision of my papers and projects, they would have been mediocre at best. She has a knack for sentence structure and grammar. Equipped with a diverse vocabulary, Katherine can enhance any report, essay, resume, and project to an elite level. Without her, I do not know how successful I would have been on my journey of completing and obtaining my college degree. She is truly an inspiring and talented artist of her craft.

-Oswald F., SIUC 2016 Graduate

I was just doing what I do, sharing different encouragement to married couples through my husband and I journey. Katherine always shared with me that she saw me doing “this” and “that” with [the marriage encouragement.] I’m like “No, no, no, no!” (I don’t like being placed in the center of attention in any way.) After a couple of months, I got another confirmation so I moved forward with what Katherine saw within me and started writing marriage articles in The Traveler Weekly newspaper. Katherine is very encouraging and she is Amazing with how she can take your own words and create them in a way I would have never thought to do! She has helped me birth a vision and is currently helping me birth another one.

~Breona Bynum, owner of Everlasting Images

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