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    Praise While You’re Pregnant!


    Praise While You’re Pregnant:
    Connecting with God Through the Womb is an effective prayer-praise guide that encourages women to speak life into their womb over their children as well as their own lives.
    This book can also be read from a spiritual perspective for both men and women, being that as children of God, we all have a purpose to fulfill in life, and through prayer and praise, our lives will be even more enriched allowing God to lead and guide us.

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    Shoot Your Shot: You Have What It Takes To Win! (E-Book)


    Shoot Your Shot: You Have What It Takes to Win! is an inspirational and action-oriented book that encourages you to focus on skills and gifts you already possess to make positive changes in your life. A reminder that the things that come easy to you are the very things that can position your life for new open doors just for you.

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