I’m Just Katherine: Hey Ya’ll!

Hi, I’m Katherine and my superpowers are sharing inspirational information to inspire, encourage, motivate, and inform you to be your BEST even when LIFE may try to bring about confusion and mayhem. 

I would like to help you…

  • Build up your faith through the power of prayer and speaking LIFE over yourself as well as those that you love
  • Equip you with tools of perseverance and some truth-telling so that you know you aren’t alone in overcoming challenges, failure, and YES, you can Definitely get back up on your two feet God gave you, learning from your past instead of dwelling on it.
  • See that whatever the Lord has purposed inside of you is meant to be shared and not hidden, whether it is in your everyday walk, in the written word (i.e. books), or shared however the Lord sees fit!

I am really good at… 

  • Encouraging others to see the best in their lives
  • Connecting with young people (I’ve been teaching them for 16+ years)
  • Brainstorming ideas with others for their passion projects
  • Making delicious meals for my family (when I’m in my cooking zone)
  • Having an “eagle eye” for editing, and I’ve been a freelancing editor for 4 years

10 Facts to Get to Know Me…

  1. I met my husband at a Greyhound bus station (Aye, go get you a ride! LOL)
  2. I am the proud author of Praise While You’re Pregnant: Connecting with God through the Womb
  3. I love to eat comfort food & soft chocolate chip cookies (or any dessert that is good to my sweet tooth)
  4. I like watching Asian Netflix series (my fave: “Crash Landing On You”)
  5. I cain’t stand phonies: they make me itch. Just try being yourself. 
  6. In my mind, I’m a BOMB stepper.
  7. My love language are words: positive quotes and scriptures
  8. One of my favorite trips was when my family of 4 went to Disney World  
  9. I have been blessed to inspire over 1500 young people
  10. I am proof that because God chose me, it doesn’t matter how I got here: I’m here to fulfill purpose. 

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