Who Am I?

I’m a woman who knew she had to go after her dreams and put behind all of the “coulda-woulda-shoulda’s” because LIFE is just too darn short. Family is my WHY for living and seeing everyone pursue their purpose in life makes me giddy and gold from the inside-out.

I’ve had the privilege of teaching English from grades 5-12 in urban environments, pushing every young person to reach their best self. Aside from that, I love to make the written word make sense to people in their lives by consulting with clients on their own writing projects and guess what?! I even offer editing services to ensure that your writing makes sense! (It’s totally fine if you want to clap and do a dance that you have now found me!)

I am a reader and writer right from my heart, and have had the privilege of publishing my first book, Praise While You’re Pregnant: Connecting with God Through the Womb, in 2012, and in addition, I currently write monthly articles for The Traveler Weekly, the longest standing historically black community newspaper in Peoria, IL. I’m currently working on a few books in the “writing oven,” so be sure to come back and check me out for new publications soon.

I love to help others discover how their written work can be enhanced when linked up with my unique “thinking cap” and gift of the written word. Overall, I love sharing a plethora of my zany ideas through my THINK TANK consulting, where we can discuss whatever it is you’re working on, be it planning your own conference to completing your own novel. Come experience my quality work today.