i am katherine young

Welcome! Get comfortable, gain some encouragement to Grow and Glow for your journey, learn about my books, and services. 

Now IS Your Time

I see you. Cheering everyone on as they accomplish their goals. But somewhere on the inside, you are wondering when will it be your turn to shine. Guess what? You can SHINE right now. You Do Not Need Permission. You are just as worthy as the next person to live in your purpose on purpose. Live your life NOW and Shoot Your Shot. Together, we can Grow and Glow through the journey of life. 

our mission:

Inspire and guide women (and men) to embrace prayer, praise, personal growth, and the utilization of their gifts to make intentional, impactful contributions, leading to a victorious and radiant life.

The key to success is to start before you are ready! 

Praise While You're Pregnant!

Praise While You’re Pregnant: Connecting with God Through the Womb is a power filled prayer-praise guide encouraging women to speak life into their womb over their children and their own lives.

This book can also be read from a spiritual perspective for both men and women, being that as children of God, we all have a purpose to fulfill in life, and through prayer and praise, our lives will be even more enriched when we allow God to lead and guide us.